A Survey About Photography

I need your help. 

Whilst researching a project, I wanted to do some polling and ask some questions to confirm a couple of hypothesis regarding the changes regarding photography.

Through this survey, we hope to gain insight into how people approach and view photography in 2020. Thank you for taking the time to fully answer these questions as truthfully as possible.

 I know your time is valuable and I trust that you also appreciated that proper research is also valuable.

It is important to remember that this is a survey, not a test, there are no wrong answers & everything is anonymous.

There are two surveys. The full survey, which will take 10 mins, and the shorter survey that will take half that time, I hope. 

The full survey is quite in-depth and does have some repetition of questions. This is due to the nature of the topic and the questions that we are looking to answer.

Is the survey hard:
Maybe, but, that's why we have a long survey and a shorter one, it's also only asking for your opinion and the survey is anonymous. remember it's not a test. Just a way for me to collect data that I can use in a later test to either confirm or deny 4 key questions.

Why are there two surveys:

We had feedback saying that the main survey was two long and boring, so, we cut out all the questions that had already a majority answer & made a shorter survey to try and encourage more people to finish it. We kept the full-length survey as gives a great data set.

What are those questions:
1: Does the simplicity of an image effect it's 'likability'
2: Is a black and white image edited?
3: Should images advertising images carry warning labels if edited?
4: Can people identify a heavily edited image?

Will the results be public:
The data is being used to create a data set that is being used for the research of a book. Specifically a chapter about perspective. You can join our mailing list to keep up to date with the progress and release dates.

Where is the data stored:
The survey is made using a Google Form & processed using Google Sheets. Good ol' Google eh.

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