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Rescued is a photography project that represents two things.

It's a way for me to understand the events on the 18th of October and more importantly, a way to say thank you to those people who rescued me.

Photography is something I understand. It's my creative escape, it's my therapy and release. This year will see many challenges, some of them physical and some of them mental. My hope is that I can use my photography as a way to funnel my energy to help deal with the psychological trauma.

Why am I writing to you?

The idea is to create a set of portraits of the people who helped and who are helping me.

The outcome of this project would be to highlight the extraordinary work of the NHS and the emergency services. In the beginning, we would aim to showcase this story in the Coventry Telegraph, but then look for a wider social reach. If this project is to be deemed a success it must create awareness for the UHCW charity. I feel your support would go a long way in helping the NHS Trust get on board.

We are all part of the local community and the wider one too. I want to tell a story that I find amazing and asking for your support to do so.

Above: The universe gave me a guy called Mo.  

To Mo, I am sure I was just another patient. But to me, my entire day was based around being able to stand up for him. This image was taken the day before my third surgery, I remember thinking, " You need to do this, it could be the last time you stand up on your own leg".  I was so worried about losing my leg and put so much effort into getting this photo. Afterwards, the pain was unreal. This image marked a real turning point in my mental outlook. It was the day that I said, I can fight this. It was Mo who helped.

So far, I have never thanked him. Mostly, as I am not sure how to. This project is about helping me find a way to navigate all of this. 

Rescued Project Main Aims:

Thank you to the NHS staff
Awareness for UCHW Charity

Why is getting the NHS trust on board important?

The portraits would be in uniform. In order for that to happen, I think it would be best that the NHS Trust is happy & aware of the project. This also adds weight to the project and amplifies the message.

Once we have a good sign from the local news that they might feature the story in either the paper or the online section and we have the support from the NHS, we would then focus on contacting the individual people who might feature in the images. My concern is that many of them would prefer to not stand in the 'limelight' for a moment. Many emergency servicemen & women would maintain, that they were only doing their job, and that's very much the point. If we all just do our little bit, it's amazing what can be achieved.

Portraits that empower and define a strong sense of stability are great for showcasing these sorts of stories, and that is exactly what we would go for. We would use classic portrait lighting to reflect the serious work that the NHS & Emergency Services do.

What happened on the 18th of October.

I was headed home after teaching a CBT motorcycle lesson, when I took the Daventry Road towards Memorial Park, Coventry. After I had navigated a busy junction, a car pulled out. It hit me in a "t-bone" collision connecting with my lower left leg, then the rest of the bike. This smashed both my tibia and fibula. After the collision, the car left me on the floor. I saw them drive away. I didn't know what to think, I just knew I didn't want to die then and there, on the road with people watching. I felt humiliated and hurt, but I knew I had to stay calm. I remember the first person to get to me. "You've been in an accident," she said. "Is it broken?" I said. I could feel there was something wrong. It was the lack of major pain that I remember being a worry to me.

There are 'open' fractures and 'closed' factures, I had a mixture of both. The compound fractures (open) are the most severe ones. Because the bones went through the skin, infection is a big risk. The next problem was the extent of the fracture. The bones were in many bits, not just clean breaks, this meant multiple operations. This is quite common for my sort of trauma though.

(i) Comminuted fracture of the left lateral tibial plateau.
(ii) Open left comminuted fracture in the mid tibial shaft.
(iii) Fracture of the left distal tibia.
(iv) Fracture of the left distal third of fibula.
(v) Fracture of the left fibula at the level of the distal syndesmosis.

Over three operations, the team at UHCW used an ex-fix and Vac dressing to stabilise everything during the debridement (cleaning of the internal wound). My second op was a check-up and extra cleaning before an intramedullary nail was placed. This nail is more like a rod that fits down the middle of my bone and will be in for life. Can I feel the nail? Nope, in fact, due to the massive soft tissue damage & swelling, I have no feeling in the lower leg, but some feeling in the foot and rear of the leg. It's unsure if/when this would change, but it's not going to be soon, it's important to remember that this is all very normal with this sort of injury.

Will I walk again, Yes. 

The images.

What will they look like?

With striking tones and simple backgrounds, these images will display a classic style & strength.  A mixture of black & white and colour images.

Portraits that empower and define a strong sense of stability are great for showcasing these sorts of stories, and that is exactly what we would go for. We would use classic portrait lighting to reflect the serious work that the NHS & Emergency Services do.

Image right: example image of Col Sgt Smith 

Who will be photographed?

My criteria is that they would be linked to my care in some way. I have a list of people I would like to contact, however, I would like to work with the NHS Trust and UHCW Charity to see who would want to take part in this photographic story.

Where would the images be taken?

Due to the current COVID problems, we would take advisement from the UHCW.

Could the NHS & UHCW use the images?

Yes, as long as the subjects agree to that also. 

Dave Kai Piper

Dave Piper: 07707915171

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