Information for Artist 2 Artist Project for RAWexchange.

Thank you for agreeing to help out with this fun project.

(short version: If you have got this link, we want to know if you want to take part in our (RAWexchange) FB project, Artist2Artist. We  would need about 100 words, permission to share the image and to know if the next person is happy to continue the chain.)

The aim is to share amazing images created by amazing people. Working like a daisy chain of awesome, you ( if you are happy to help) will pick one image and discuss some interesting aspects and why that image resonates with you.

In time. I think and wish that this fun project will create an awesome collection of images. It should tell a story leading from artist to artist, in which this project takes it's name. #Artist2Artist

At the moment, this project is only for FB, but, if looks like something is going well, we might roll it out on other platforms too. Our FB address is:

There are some guidelines below to help.

We would be looking to share the image on socials - so, we need the permission of who ever's the image you are sharing.

Please loop in an e-mail saying they 'the image owner is happy with this & if they are happy to take part in the next week'Keep your text short - Really short is good, but avoid cheesy lines like 'I like this as it is awesome' - Say why it's awesome.

Short text - 100 words is more than enough. Make sure you share your social's and the artist you are featuring.

Get Deep - If you want to get deeper into stuff - that is cool too. We can extend the post if you like but we would still need a short blurb too.

Check this example:

You are: Dave Kai Piper

Featured image belongs to:  Stephie Rebello

Your Social Media Tags: @DaveKaiPiper
Their Social Media Tags: @purrfect_pawtraits 

Have you attached the image or uploaded it
You can use the uploader if you have a big image, or attach it if its web ready

If you can, rename the image to something with the owner's name & context.

Example text:

''Images like this really capture everything I love about photography and retouching. Merging creative flow and technical perfection is something that is very tough to do, but Stephie somehow makes it look easy. 

Her work has inspired me to work with animals myself, but, I think I have far to go.''

Send stuff too: & upload highres to here (click here)
Once uploaded - you can check it's work by seeing it in the gallery below, plus you can see the other images other people have selected.


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