Punk Rock Portraits - Dave Kai Piper

Music is in my soul, however, as much as I try, I just can not play any instrument myself, so, I help where I can and that is with my camera. 

My love for Punk Rock goes way back 94' when I first heard Dookie for the very first time. I remember it well as my friend was sat in class and we had sneaked in a CD player. While sat at the back of the classroom we slid the CD in and in that very second we found our self not only transported to another world musically but also into dentition. Thus began my love for all things Punk Rock. This project is about capturing, documenting and recording my love for music how I feel best equipped to do so. Though this project I hope to capture a moment in time that we can use as a point of reflection in the future. 

If you're in a band and wish to have some portraits sorted, just ping me a message about coming on tour or hooking up in a city in the EU.  Dave@davepiper.co.uk

Punk Rock Portraits

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