In Uniform Flyer

Uniforms create identity.

 They shape how people see us, they inform people to who we are and what we do. They identify rank, social standing, skills, and professions. Uniforms create communities and bonds while at the same time, are used to repress and project fear. To some, they are to be earn't with blood, sweat, and tears. To others, they are just a causality of the working world.

This project looks at a range of people who use the uniforms to be who they are., it is about people and the stories that have links to a uniform that they have worn or an identity assumed due to a stereotype of a uniform. It will feature a wide range of people from emergency services, the armed services, ministers of faith, tradesmen, bikers, and many more.

Each portrait will have a story linking the person to the uniform, thus we are looking for an exciting and interesting human element

Andy Thompson
Dave Kai Piper

We are looking for a wide range of people, with a wide range of uniforms - if you know someone who might be interested in this project - please get in touch.

The style of these images will be direct (as example opening image) using classic portrait based lighting

For more information about this project: or call on 07707915171 

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