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Bespoke reportage funeral photography by Dave Kai Piper & Stephie Rebello

Why would you want a photographic record of a funeral ? 

We understand the power and importance that photographs can hold. Funeral Photography can be a record of the last moments and last memories of a persons life. 

The images we create are personal and timeless. In many cases we understand that the true importance of the images we take would only be noted in 20 or 30 years into the future. Being able to share images with loved ones, grandchildren or great grand children can build memories of family history as well has create memories of family coming together to support each other. My partner and I have both lost a family member recently, we now treasure the photographs we took on the day. to us, they are a record of something very close to our hearts.

By Dave. 

Norman Champ

Why I wanted to photograph funerals

When my grandfather passed away I was so grateful that Dave had documented the whole funeral for me and my family to look back on. Some of us hadn't seen each other in over a decade and my grandfathers funeral brought us all together again which for such a sad occasion was very comforting. In the weeks after the funeral, having digital copies and a few printed images from the day made me feel a lot better within myself as it was nice to revisit the day visually and remember all the stories that we shared and the smiles when memories made us laugh.

My most favourite image is one which we took at sunrise of the sun coming up over the island where my grandfather lived. This image for me marks a very special day, but to others who were not there, they will just see and appreciate a beautiful sunrise. I love how subtle yet strong that image is.

Having these images has given me so much comfort,  joy and some lovely memories, this is why we have since decided to help others with their healing process. Knowing how important those images are to me and how much they have helped me I want to be able to give others that same peace and comfort that I felt and still feel when I miss my grandfather.  

By Stephie

Norman Champ

How does it all work ?

We understand the nature of the day & will be very unobtrusive. No flash will be used and the cameras we use are totally silent while at the same time small enough to fit in to a small shoulder bag. Working quickly & with noise to a minimum, we are very mindful of where we are and do our best to blend in to the environment. Because we work in pairs this gives us the ability to cover different angles without the distracting movements. Normally we stay until the start of the wake, but there are no pre-made times set for the day.

After the day we begin the work of editing and processing your images. When your images are ready, you will receive an e-mail or phone call letting you know. You will be given your password and be able to view & order prints of your images online in the privacy your own time and of space.  


Costings start from £599.

We like to make sure we work with all family and ensuring friends are aware of the fact that we will have cameras. All the images are private and will never be shared without express permission with the family involved. 

After the day you will be able to view your images on your private weblink. Prints are ordered online by simply clicking on an image. A download link of hi-res images is available on request also

The way we set up for the day is to ensure a little impact on the day is about being professional, understanding yet making sure we are able to record the day in a fitting way.  We are able to cater for groups if needed at the wake or happy to just stand back and photograph the day as it unfolds. 

Marianne Piper

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