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Using mixed lighting sources can be fun & challenging to learn - however - get it right and the effects are powerfull. 

This is a quick list of tips to working with a mixed lighting sources

1) Shoot on RAW (auto white Balance)
2) Balance your natural lighting elements first
3) Add in your additive (created) light to give high lights or balance the Images
4) Strobe lighting can be great for lighting other things than people.
5) Rear Sync your flash if your using long exposures
6) Shoot in Manual In low light, a torch can help focusing.
7) Use manual, always + Shoot RAW
8) NEVER underestimate how useful a tripod can be. holding the camera or a light
9) Always carry spare battery power (lights, camera & trigger)
10) A good PC sync cord & hot shoe tigger in your bag WILL save your life one day.
11) A frio Cold Shoe & a tripod is an Instant Light stand for your Flash
12) A good reflector is a great addition to your camera kit,
13) Shooting later in the day lets you have a 'moody' lighting setting.
14) Shoot.. Review, edit …..Pause and look about wait for the weather to be right.
15) Use a modifier if  you can - un-shaped light from a small source can be harsh.
16) Keep your key light above eye level of a subject.
17) Black Wrap is AWESOME - google Lee Filters Black Wrap.
18) Filters are a great way to contain highlights.
19) Know your kit - trust your kit and trust your judgment.
20) Move your lights- sometimes keeping your camera still and moving your lights is better.

Are you getting the best shot? Timing is everything…when using Natural light, look to see what the clouds are doing and how the light around you is evolving. Should you come back in half an hour ? Research, know your location and plan for the right time of day.Play about with your ISO The X-Pro Sync’s at 1/180th, but 1/160th is as close as you can go. with a non Fuji Flash. The EF X20 flash will sync at 1/250th Have fun and try stuff !! All of these images have been shoot on the X-Pro and edited using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

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Cactus RF60's using the Roundflash compactable system

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