The Photo I wish I had taken

Originally written for AP Magazine

For me, there two types of photographer, those who take photos and those who create photos. People who capture the moment in such style and grace that it hints your memory like a stone in a pond. Some people have the natural born ability to make a still photograph resonate with you releasing memories and emotions like ripples in a pond. Some photographers have craft, vision, and foresight that enables them to wrap things in ever new wonderful contexts for us mere mortals to just gasp in awe and allow us to take whatever inspiration we desire.

This photograph by Neil Snape does both for me, delicately poised on the edge of reality and yet so much truth is held in the character of the shot. This is a true skill in my eyes and something with I do aspire to bring to my work.

Neil explains: The picture of Sheri was done with just sunlight and 4x8' poly boards. It is the shot that started the ball rolling with the mirror series. It was, in fact, a shot just after doing the portrait of her (Sheri Chiu) and now husband Nicolas Guerin.

This type of portrait is wonderful to see and really gives both the photographer and subject a way to live through the still image. Wonderful imagery helps me channel a direction to follow and understand where I am trying to go with my work. Photographing interesting portraits of people but in the wider sense of what a portrait is. Does a portrait have to be a dead-on headshot?

In this mirror shot, not on only is the lighting just spectacular but every detail is sumptuous. I love the loose crop letting the wall encroach in on the right. The wonderful angles being of the set by Sheri's curves. The way texture is used through the frame. This is what happens when foresight meets creative genius.

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