Personal Projects

Personal Projects are key for all creative people. They are the way we can learn, experiment and refine our mind and technique while testing out concepts and working out what sort of artist we are. To put it simply, it gives us room to learn about the world and how we fit into it. 

Music & Live gig Photography.

Since I first picked up a camera, I have been shooting bands. The thrill of shooting a band live on stage is among on of the best feelings you can have as a photographer, but also, can be one of the hardest challenges.  This gallery is collection of work dating back to 2005.

The Towel Project

We get desensitized to what 'beauty' is. We get hung up on perfection and forget the wider ideals. This project is about stripping back the layers and looking at female beauty in a more natural way. Simple lighting, simple styling and pure natural beauty.

Nudes & Nudity

My connection with taking images of a risque nature comes from my love of Newton. It's about photography and story. I like the challenge to make things that provoke the mind more than anything else. Photographers like Sylvie Blum, Robert Voltaire, Guido Argentini, Rankin all the way to Mario Testino, Mert & Marcus and especially with Ellen Von Unworth, show that you can have as much nudity as you wish, yet still have integrity with a point and reason to create, aside from designing images purely to get Instagram likes.  Building a sense of story can be fun and challenging, and no one has ever said we can not make it a little provocative at times.

Digital Artwork

This gallery contains a range of images from photographic composites all the way to images that have had a 'more than normal' level of editing.

Unlike other galleries in my personal work, these images do not follow a theme or a thread and mostly are a result of practicing new Photoshop techniques and styles.

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