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After you buy your camera, one of the first things you will need to look at is a safe and secure way to transport and store your kit. Your main options are going to be if you want to carry the kit on your back, shoulder or roll it behind you. The bags below are all bags I have used or own. They are all great and have different benefits.

Shoulder bags:

When you have such light kit such as the Fuji System you can easily get away with shoulder bags for a number of hours. Many Fuji photographers have lots of small lenses so look for bags that can store all your kit. Look for bags that have good straps to avoid the weight digging into your shoulders. Check out the Lens wraps too – they are a great way of looking after your delicate gear.

Domke – The Image Maker
Domke – The Chronicle (my personal fave bag)
Domke – F2 – Twelve compartments and pockets !!
Billingham – Hadley Pro
Billingham – 550

Roller Bags:

These bags are designed to carry all your kit and will have a pair of wheels to let you roll the kit about. In terms of Fuji kit, roller bags are most useful if you are flying and need to keep things super safe as a carry-on or you have loads of kit. There are two brands worth looking at in detail here. Most of my pro buddies use the Think Tank Airport bags, Ben Von Wong wrote a great travel tips blog here.

Think Tank - Airport International V2.0 
Lowepro Pro Runner - x450 AW Rolling Backpack

Hard Cases:

For when you need to store your gear, or travel via planes & trains, there is no safer way of looking after your kit. When it comes to hard cases there is only one brand you need to look towards and pretty much one case – The Peli 1510. For a number of years this case has been the ‘go-to’ case for professional photographers and filmmakers to keep stuff safe. Check out the killer inserts from US company Trek Pak too, they make will give you and your kits the most safe and easy to use inserts you can get for the cases. 

Image below: My Peli 1510 attached to my Honda during my Ireland Roadtrip.

Dave Kai Piper

Rucksack (backpacks)

If your starting to carry quite a bit of gear or want your hands to be totally free with your gear packed away from your side have a look at the rucksacks that are made to carry your kit. Sizes can range massively here and so can price. You can also start to see a cross over from the roller bags to rucksacks as some have wheels too.

Peli S115 Ultrabook Camera Backpack
Manfrotto Pro Light 3N1-35 Backpack
Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack


The Cosyspeed Camslinger Range also get a special mention. They are a new range of great little bags that are perfect for single camera days or city breaks when you are trying to be ultra discreet yet safe. Check out these two great little bags.

Cosyspeed – CAMSLINGER 160
Cosyspeed – CAMSLINGER 105

Dave Kai Piper
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