An evening at Uprawr - Dave Kai Piper
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At heart, I have always been a punk rock fan. The Uprawr crew really do know how to party.  

Uprawr is a alternative night at the Asylum Nightclub venue. From the management down to the door staff, I have had some great nights out and met some amazing people who work there. The other week, they had Alt DJ Gemma Edwards as a special guest DJ, I thought this was excuse enough for a night out and to take my camera with some lights and to grab some portraits of the DJ's and some other people that always keep the party going. 

Big thank you to everyone !!

If you want a great night out in Birmingham with the best DJ's playing everything from punk to metal with everything in the middle - do check out a Uprawr.

DJ Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw

Chelsea Powell

Dave Kai Piper

DJ Gemma Edwards

Gemma Edwards

Jack Davis

Dave Kai Piper

DJ Rich Stokes

Dave Kai Piper

Jessica Ann

Dave Kai Piper

DJ Flik Renèe

Dave Kai Piper

Nathan Eden

Dave Kai Piper

Camera // Fuji X-Pro2
Lighting // Cactus RF60x
Modifiers // Roundflash Dish & 2 x Roundflash Striplights
Lighting source // 100% Strobe
Editing // Photoshop & Niksoftware Analog Custom setting
Lens used // 56mm APD

Dave Kai Piper
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