Contact Information:

Ireland & United Kingdom.


United Kingdom // +44 (0) 770 791 5171
The Republic of Ireland // +353 (0) 833472558

Skype: Dave_Piper

Instagram: @Davekaipiper

Dave Kai-Piper is a British born photographer living in Ireland. His work is based in the portraiture world with fashion and beauty elements blended together. When not working he is exploring the world on two wheels shooting and documenting the world around him. Over the years he has been an ambassador for Fujifilm, SmugMug, 3 Legged Thing, Peli Cases, Trek Pak and many more international brands, alongside teaching photography at Wolverhampton University + writing for many known publications about the world of photography.

Former Marketing Manager @ RAWex
Former News Editor at
Former Lecturer at Wolverhampton University.
Former Fujifilm Ambassador (X-Photographer)

Our Year in Ireland

Dave Kai Piper

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