As most of us live in cities and fast-paced worlds, we sometimes forget about the local craftsmen that work down the back roads and side streets. All my life I have had a love for the arts, from all genres. For the last few months and in the coming few months I have some time planned aside to try and find the very best local craftsmen working locally to me.

The idea is to showcase local talent, local skills show how diverse, vibrant and wonderful our local community is. Primo L Antoniazzi is a stained glass artist working out of a wonderful little workshop in Kings Heath. Not only is Primo an awesome guy, he clearly loves his craft. One day I will have to commission Primo for something special. You can check out his work all over Birmingham, however, you can admire his work and have a beer at the Hare and Hounds at the same time if you are passing Kings Heath.

Camera // Fuji X-Pro2 
Lighting // Cactus RF60x
Modifiers // Roundflash Dish
Lighting source // Blended Additive Lighting

Editing // Photoshop & Niksoftware Analog Custom setting

Lens used // 16-55mm & 56mm APD


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