Testing new things, trying new lighting and working on new ideas is always a fun way to spend a weekend. Playing about with HSS, texture and the newly downloaded, Nik Software was the idea behind this shoot with Olivia.

Shooting low depth of field with flash to ensure super crisp sharpness where we want it is fun for sure. I love the effect and '3D effect' that it gives. The Cactus Speedlight system was used in conjunction with the Roundflash portable modifiers to give these images some character and edge. Pretty much all the lighting was set up to give a classic look with edge lighting used to give extra shape.

Camera // Fuji X-Pro2
Lighting // Cactus RF60 x3
Modifiers // Roundflash Dish & 2 x Roundflash Striplights
Lighting source // 100% Strobe

Editing // Photoshop & Niksoftware Analog Custom setting
Lens used // 56mm APD

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