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As creative people, we love to create, experiment and learn new skills.

Using Colour as a main element of my work is something I have always wanted to try and refine. 

The above image of Lel was taken a good few years ago. Just after the new year, I was cleaning up some hard drives and came across this image. I forgot how much I loved it & thought it is about time had another look at using colour.

Model : Sarah Hartley
Model : Sarah Hartley

In the short time I have been experimenting with using colour & flash there are some images that I have been very proud of really looking forwarding to expanding on this style and working on using gell lighting being a steady and reliable element in my skill set. 

Above & below: 

It quickly becomes clear that color can be used as integral or character element in an image. The image below of DJ Jon Mahon also uses gel lighting but in a very different and less dramatic way than in the image above of Olivia Grice.

Camera // Fujifilm X-Pro & T2
Colour // Lee Filters 
Light // Cactus

Which filters do I use:

Currently, I use the Lee Filters from Amersham Studios
Check out more about them here -

Lighting used :

Currently, I use the Cactus Speedlights with the round flash modifiers. I just tape the gels to the different modifiers (outside the UK)

If you don't have gels to use - you can do pretty well at faking it just by being smart with your processing, like in these images of Luke and Loretta below. 

Both images are shot with the same lighting set up but the shadow tones have been moved to a warmer and colour for each image.

Luke Grimley
Images by Dave Kai Piper
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