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Hello, Over the years I have done a bunch of stuff and traveled a bunch of cool places. This page is my journal in which each month I will try and produce a summary of the stuff we have been up too.

Currently, I am writing photography articles for FUJILOVE magazine. Click here to check them out. 

My photography

Hello to my Journal !

Each month I am going to update this page with all the cool and fun stuff that we have been up to.  

December 2018.

We launched Exploring Photography !!

For the last few months, we have been working on some ideas for a new project. This has turned in to Exploring Photography and mostly will see it's self as the home of all my travel & location work via a YouTube Blog. 

Part two of my blog about camera settings went live on the FujiLove Website this December. these articles were harder to write than I thought and really pushed how much I know about the camera systems -

November 2018

Setting your camera up can be quite an individual thing, but knowing which settings to tweak can be half the battle in getting a camera correctly and set up for yourself. These articles will look just at the sixth major menu – the one with the spanner. This section gives you access to the screen settings, audio settings, power settings and more. Check out the full blog here :

October 2018

Of all the genres and subjects we have in the photography world, portraiture can combine the three major technical elements of lighting, camera and personal communication. For many people starting out, taking photos of other people can be quite daunting. In this article we are looking specifically at how I set up my camera in the hope that it might trigger some ideas about how you might be able to tweak your camera settings.

September 2018

As a photographer whose style does involve a fair bit of editing, I have always found it difficult to be able to edit my work on the move unless I had a powerful laptop with me. This post is about me trying to slim down the kit I carry. The idea was to find a cheaper, simple ‘grab and go’ workflow that would give me a ‘proof of concept’ setup based around a USB chargeable ecosystem. Basically, I want something I can grab on the way out the door, not worry about battery life and still get awesome stuff with.

With this in mind, here are some flexible guidelines that I set for myself: No major new cash outlay. Everything has to be USB powered*. Produce images using this system. Find a sensible, sustainable workflow. *I have not found a way to recharge AA batteries with the flash uses. Working within these guidelines means that I cannot just say, “Go and buy a new ultra-thin, ultra powerful Surface book, MacBook or awesome Wacom Mobile studio.” Not all people have the money to splash out on awesome high-end gear and I certainly don’t. This article is more for the traveler who is off the beaten path, someone who is traveling solo, maybe by foot or train, or, as in my case, via motorbike. Thus comes the question which leads me to this post. What is the lightest, most compact solution where which I can shoot, edit, back up and still send images to clients via the same delivery system as I would when at home? Is it possible?

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