Dave Kai Piper is based in the United Kingdom & currently teaching as a Visiting Lecturer at Wolverhampton University. Currently working commercially along side two personal projects, Dave also finds time to follow his passion for portrait photography with such subjects as Sir Bob Geldof. 

DKP is a global ambassador for Fujifilm, Adobe Community Professional, Peli Professional & 3LT Pro. Other projects have included work as a Project Manager at The Photography Show & Consultant at Amersham Studios. Dave is currently working on his 'Exploring Photography' Bike Project & commercial client base.

Making a booking could not be easier, just drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you. If you prefer to call, the number is below.

Dave Kai Piper
E-mail -    Dave@davepiper.co.uk
Phone -    (+44) 0 7707 915171

Stephie Rebello
E-mail-     Stephie@davepiper.co.uk
Phone-     (+44) 0 7718 338780


We cater for most photographic services. Everything from look book or editorial magazine shoots. Working closely with our own lighting and camera suppliers we can scale up or down depending in your own needs.

Some of our clients include:The Times Newspaper, GQ Magazine, News of the World, Peter Lang, Sigma, Beyond Burlesque , Future Publishing, The Photography Show, PhotoLive, Cristina Adami , IPC Publishing, Bright Publishing, Pentax, The Priory, Sony, Lexar, Billingham,Face On Magazine, Rag Mag Magazine, Mallory Knox, Line 6, Adel Kotez, Something Wicked, Masion Close, Fred & Ginger and many many more.

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