Dave Kai Piper

Selected people for Survey Baseline

The reason I have contacted you personally is that I need to create a set of results for this survey that I can use as a comparison for the general public survey.

There are 10 people I have asked to take part in this survey. They are all leaders in their chosen fields and considered to be a definite voice and opinion. In short, your view means a great deal to me and my research.

Below is all the same survey that has been open to the general public, however, I have enabled the ability for you to go back and adjust your response, which is turned off with the general survey. This survey, unlike the general on, will capture your e-mail - everything will remain confidential if you wish.

Feel free to share the survey with anyone via https://www.davekaipiper.com/Survey, but please DO NOT share the link to this version of the survey.

Where Can I take the Survey: Follow this link, https://www.davekaipiper.com/Survey

Is the survey hard: Maybe, but, it's only asking your opinion and the survey is anonymous. remember it's not a test. Just a way for me to collect data that I can use in a later test to either confirm or deny 4 key questions.

What are those questions:

1: Does the simplicity of an image effect it's 'likability'

2: Is a black and white image edited?

3: Should images advertising images carry warning labels if edited?

4: Can people identify a heavily edited image? Will the results be public: The data is being used to create a data set that is being used for the research of a book. Specifically a chapter about perspective. Y

ou can join our mailing list to keep up to date with the progress and release dates. Where is the data stored: The survey is made using a Google Form & processed using Google Sheets. Good ol' Google eh.

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