Selected people for Survey Baseline

The reason I have contacted you personally is that I need to create a set of results for this survey that I can use as a comparison for the general public survey.

There are 10 people I have asked to take part in this survey. They are all leaders in their chosen fields and considered to be a definite voice and opinion. In short, your view means a great deal to me and my research.

Below is all the same survey that has been open to the general public, however, I have enabled the ability for you to go back and adjust your response, which is turned off with the general survey. This survey, unlike the general on, will capture your e-mail - everything will remain confidential if you wish.

Feel free to share the survey with anyone via, but please DO NOT share the link to this version of the survey.

Where Can I take the Survey: Follow this link,

Is the survey hard: Maybe, but, it's only asking your opinion and the survey is anonymous. remember it's not a test. Just a way for me to collect data that I can use in a later test to either confirm or deny 4 key questions.

What are those questions:

1: Does the simplicity of an image effect it's 'likability'

2: Is a black and white image edited?

3: Should images advertising images carry warning labels if edited?

4: Can people identify a heavily edited image? Will the results be public: The data is being used to create a data set that is being used for the research of a book. Specifically a chapter about perspective. Y

ou can join our mailing list to keep up to date with the progress and release dates. Where is the data stored: The survey is made using a Google Form & processed using Google Sheets. Good ol' Google eh.

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