Dave Kai Piper

Creating images of people & places. Based in the United Kingdom

"I have met a lot of pro photographers who claim to be good teachers and workshop leaders, but Dave is the real deal. As well as impeccable technical skills in portrait photography, he has a real knack of explaining stuff to a wide range of students etc, and is very patient and helpful. His professional work, meanwhile, is of the highest calibre."

Geoff Harris, Deputy Editor, Amateur Photographer and former Editor, Digital Camera

Created Content for Hard Rock Cafe*, Download Festival*, Stone Dead Festival, JSES, Future Publishing, Fujifilm,  Q Magazine, News Corp, Sigma UK, Fotospeed, The Offspring*, Steel Panther, Lacey, Uprawr, Amateur Photographer Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine + many more awesome companies + bands. *via Old Sarum Tattoo,

Dave@davepiper.co.uk   // +440 (0) 7707 915 171

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