An Afternoon with Pippa - Dave Kai Piper

Camera // Fuji X-Pro2
Lighting // Cactus RF60x
Modifiers // Roundflash Dish & 2 x Roundflash Striplights
Lighting source // 100% Strobe

Editing // Photoshop & Niksoftware Analog Custom setting

Lens used // 16-55mm

As a photographer, I spend quite a bit of time looking at and researching new ideas and testing out concepts.

This shoot with Pippa was a continuation of an idea Holly and I tried out. Holly's shoot was a bit harsher in lighting style giving a more 'glam' look. For the shoot with Pippa I wanted to try and find a softer overall feeling while also adding the softer editing & colour tones.

I used the Nik Collection software (which you can download for free her) to finish the look and get the faded purple haze look.

From a technical / lighting point of view - we used the Cactus Speedlight system the highly portable Roundflash system of modifiers to control the lights.  

Two strip lights are placed with grids to give the narrow edge lights and placed to not spill light on to the background. A third Cactus RF60x with the Roundflash was placed on a boom arm over the subject to give a light that would add shape & balance out the side edges. Care was taken to avoid spill onto the background.

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