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Over the years, we have had the AMAZING opportunity to build some WONDERFUL partnerships, relationships and friendships with some of the worlds brightest and most forward thinking companies. Here is a list (in no particular order) of companies that I trust. They are all different but they all have one things in common and that is I use them & their products on a daily basis.

These companies all look after me so well and I thank them all for all the AMAZING support I have had over the years. THANK YOU !! 

"Some photographers spend their days waiting, some spend their lives waiting. Some spend their hours crafting and creating, some document from distance and there are those who record, who impose and intrude. For some it is a release, an adventure of sorts. There are those who are practice in private and some who flaunt exuberance and flair in such lavish styles. There are those to which photography is a commercially driven need. Photography can create celebrity or convey the downfalls of empires. They say the art of genius is to make the complex simple. So, it might not be so easy to explain why I simply love the X-Pro. For me, in a camera, I look for a companion along a journey. If my X-Pro could talk, I only wonder of the stories it would tell…"

Back when the Photography Show was still Focus On Imaging, Fuji brought out the X100, which got my attention fast. Then came the X-Pro and it changed my world. It changed how I see photography. Over the years Fuji have gone from strength to strength, by far they are the best camera manufacturer making cameras today. As a company they are honest, forward thinking and really do listen to what us Fuji users want.

Currently I am using:

X-Pro 1

18mm f2
18-55mm F2.8-4
60mm F2.8
35mm. F1.4

It is hard to know what to say about this British company that do indeed have a chicken shed for a head office. Here is one fact though.

Never has one person had so much support and love back from such a young start up company. Back in 2010 I met CEO Danny Lenihan He had a very early edition of what was the Eddie Tripod. It was shiny, it was Carbon and it had shiny blue bits with gold. HOOKED I was.  Since that meeting, Danny has taken 3LT and made a global brand that has some of the world foremost photographers using the tripods. Ben Von Wong, Rebecca Litchfield, Kirsty Mitchell, Joao Carlos, Brooke Shaden, Renee Robyn and many other amazing photographers. 

Check out the website - you can buy direct from the shop keeping prices low. They have a range of carbon & alloy tripods to fit your needs and prices.

The best thing about 3LT ?  The support they give to the photographic community and the costumer service and of course the best tripods in the known Universe.

Currently using:

Frank (Studio & Landscape Tripod)
Keith (Small CSC sized Tripod)
Brian - the go anywhere, do anything tripod.

Eddie - He was the first gen 3LT tripod and was stolen :(

Adobe make 90% of the programs that let me do what I do. Adobe are not just Lightroom, Photoshop. They are a company at the very forefront pushing what it means to be a creative in 2014. 

The Creative Cloud is a move towards a newer, slicker, faster workflow. This means less time doing the boring bits and giving artists and creatives more time to make and create.Being able to always have the latest updates, online storage, Behance, and the full suite of mobile apps is at the very core and route of my workflow and style of work.

I first used Photoshop as a photographer when working as a wedding photographer, quickly learning about how to batch action and process while I was asleep was a major move forward. Back then we didn't have the power of Lightroom to batch edit. Photoshop 7 was a game changer when I first used it, these days we are on CC14 and the program is still a game changer. 

Being a Community Pro with Adobe is great, in fact it is down right kick ass amazing. We get to play about with Beta versions of the new programs and provide feedback to Adobe. We help out where we can and try to serve the wider community. It is a way that I and Adobe can give back.

Links about amazing things to do with Adobe and Photography:
Glyn Dewis - Fun photographer, retoucher, trainer and blogger.
Pratik Naik AKA Solstice Retouch - One of the best retouchers, ever.
Richard Curtis - Digital Imaging specialist at Adobe UK.
Adobe TV - Adobe's Video channel giving amazing free education.
Julieanne Kost - Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe Systems

Link to my editing videos - Here you can find some videos I have made
Link to my editing services - Fancy hiring me to work on your images ?

Ok.. you got me... I will come clean, I am new to SmugMug... far they are been beyond amazing.
I was first made aware of SmugMug a few years ago when I was setting up my Wordpress account and redoing my blog. 

At that point the money scared me off, but, you are now reading this on a very wonderful Smug Mug powered site. The only thing I can think of is why I wasted so much time by not joining up earlier ! 

I am using the full business version. Being able to unlimited storage is amazing. I now have all my files with me, high-res a click of a button whenever I have an internet connection. The site has amazing customization options while keeping the images looking amazing. Once you have uploaded your images using the Lightroom app or direct to the site, they are available for you to let anyone order prints from anywhere in the world too.

In time I will get an affiliate link up for you to get set up and start rocking and rolling. Until then my friends, feel free to use this link ( out my shop and feel free to use my 25% coupon for some extra discount. Code: smugmug25

Some other amazing SmugMug Accounts:
Clay Cook -
Ben Von Wong -
Renee Robyn -

To know more about SmugMug and why the whole world love them, check out the website and try the free 30 thing...

In the last few years Sigma have changed.... FACT.

No longer are they the brand sold on price, they are in fact award winning, class leading and totally amazing.

Since the new CEO Kazuto Yamaki took over in 2012 thing changed. A new 'Global Vision' was pushed out and since then we have had nothing but jaw dropping lens after jaw dropping lens.

Aside from my Fuji camera, I only use Sigma lenses and have no intention of changing. From the world class 120-300mm to the 35mm A and the 50mm A, everyone of the new generation of Sigma Lenses is not only Value for money but amazing optical quality too.

Very special thank you to Ray Fitchett  & Paul Reynolds from putting up with my silly requests and over due loan lenses (will have them back to you on day.. I promise)

In my day to day kit bag I carry:
35mm F1.4 Art
105mm F1.4 HSM
24-105mm  F4 HSM Art
50mm F1.4 Art

When I need them:
28mm F1.8 EX DG
120-300 F2.8 HSM Sport

Lee Filters are without doubt the first name in quality when it comes to photographic filters.

Getting things right in camera is always the prefrence and for some the holy grail of photography,

Lee are an interesting company. There are some people who think filters are just something that either Instagram or some new app have to make your iPhone photos look better. This could not be further from the truth. It seems that more and more photographers are using filters to control the light coming into the cameras. From soft grads to the Big Stopper, Lee Filters are the professional photographers filter company of choice.

Lee make filters for both cameras I use. I use the Seven5 System on the Smaller CSC designed Fuji Cameras and the 100mm System for the Nikon D800. With the Larger system, I also 'LOVE' and use the Multi Purpose Matte Box to give added control of the light coming into the camera.

For my full blog on why I love and why you might like shooting with filters... check out my blog about shooting with them. - Shooting with the Lee Filters

If you want to buy some filters - check out here -

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