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Wedding Photography

Weddings are very special days, and we think they should be given the extra attention that they deserve. We want to give you the attention to detail that you yourself have put into your wedding day.

Currently we work closely with Album Epoca in Italy to hand craft your stunning wedding album.

We have a full online shop and print service. This is where you can view your High Res images in a stunning custom designed gallery.

Single Album Photography Package                                                        £2000
Video & Photography Packages Start a                                                   £3000
Aerial Cinematography & Bespoke Photography Package                   £4000

You will always have two photographers on your day,  both whom have wedding and fashion backgrounds. We shoot towards a 'magazine' or 'editorial style which creates stunning story led wedding photography with passion and flare.

We would find a nice blend of images that capture the day & record the little details. Family groups, photos of friends and casual portraits as well as mixing in images of a reportage style.

We are based in the Midlands, (Birmingham) However we cover weddings globally.

Have a look over his portfolio to see the Fashion, Portrait and landscape work. These are the styles and influences you can expect to come over into your wedding images.

Full online private proofing & ordering system. Prints starting at £5.00.

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We want the photographs to be a memory of the day for both you and your guests, we want to capture those little moments, the smile, the laughs, the first look, the first kiss , the first dance, the hug with Grandma and the family photographs as well. 

When we layout your album, it will be done in a style to reflect the timings of the day yet still have that 'magazine / coffee table'  look.  Full page images and designed to impress.

We work with both Album Epoca & Queensbury for your wedding albums. You can choose to fit your needs. Having our own print on demand print service put us apart from the rest too, you can just click the buy or download button, it is that simple.

All of your images will be edited, properly edited in Photoshop, by hand, one by one. 

We are not the fastest at getting your images ready, that is because we care and each photograph is hand edited. 

We would love to hear from you, If you have some questions, please get in touch.

You can e-mail us here :

We love to travel, we are both experience shooting outside the UK.

We shoot using the VERY latest technology.

We are also fully insured.

Mike & Jess Tuffin Wedding
Mike & Jess Tuffin Wedding
Ross & Anna
Ross & Anna
Ross & Anna
Connege Wedding
Morgan Wedding
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